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Three Blogs Collection

Your blog can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Don't see what you need? Send me an email, so that I can create a customized collection just for you!

Super Short

The Super Short blog consists of 200-500 words; however, do not let the length deceive you. While it is short, it is sure to be highly informative, well-researched, and fun to read!



The Short blog is a post of 501-1000 words. Offering a bit more detail than the Super Short, the Short is sure to keep your audience coming back for more!



The Heightened blog is made up of 1001- 2000 words. The tension gets heightened as more words take your readers on a journey about what you wish to say about your business, brand, product, etc. 



The Lengthy blog has 2001-2500 words. With a lot to say, this long blog is sure to have your reader fans knocking on your door (virtual door, that is– like your emails or DMs) asking when your next blog will be posted.

Let's Work Together

You can reach me at!

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