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What is Your Marketing Plan for 2023?

You may have a great business plan or business idea, but what is your marketing plan for the new year... or really, any year! A good idea doesn't become a reality without a stellar, well-thought-out plan. Maybe you're a makeup artist or service provider, or you could be a writer and entertainer. Regardless of your talent or skill, you will need actionable steps to help you build relationships with your followers and, ultimately, encourage them to do business with your brand.

The digital space has given a voice to many. It has also given small startups an avenue to market their business with no startup cost. Of course, this is a positive step towards a future full of possibilities and opportunities for all, but the downside is that anyone can create a business and advertise online, which means, if you want your brand to be seen, then you have to build an effective strategy to stand out above the crowd.

One strategy you can use is an integrated marketing plan. You could be asking, "what is an integrated marketing plan" well, I'll tell you. An integrated marketing plan is an actionable solution-oriented approach to communicating with your target audience. First, you must define your audience. Ask yourself questions like who am I marketing to? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their shopping habits? What motivates them to make a final purchase? By asking yourself these questions, you will have a clear picture of how you can market to the intended audience in an effective way.

An integrated marketing approach typically has one objective and a set time to achieve that objective. It also has a consistent message that targets consumers on multiple platforms, and the call-to-action is also consistent as well. If this approach is done correctly, it will build trust, loyalty, and sales!

An example of integrated marketing could be a health and wellness brand launching a new supplement on Youtube and directing those followers to other social media pages and their official website where consumers can purchase the product. The website and socials would have the same call-to-actions and messaging. It would also have the same consistent theme and design so followers can easily identify the brand.

Okay subies, now you have the foundational knowledge to help you build a spectacular integrated marketing campaign. Now, there's nothing stopping you from being a digital entrepreneur baddie! Go out there and share your wonderful idea with the world!

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