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Three Ways to Eat More Greens

So, we want to stay green (or get green), right? Okay, not literally green. But green as in incorporating more greens into your diet. Look, I am no health or fitness expert, but I have lost weight this year, and I believe that being super intentional about my green veggies intake has played a huge part in that!

I will say that I do love green veggies. Asparagus is an all-time favorite. Broccoli is literally delicious. However, there have been times where I was not as intentional about eating my green veggies. I prioritized it but not in the way that I have this year. Ensuring that I eat green veggies by any means necessary has made all the difference, I believe!

But sometimes, we are busy. Life gets out of hand. Things pop up unexpectedly, and it’s just easier to quickly grab some fast food, right?


Okay, okay. Right... perhaps. Sometimes.

However, there are many fantastic ways you can be more intentional about getting greens into your diet! Keep reading to see ways to ensure you get a healthy intake of greens!

1.) Buy Pre-juiced Green Juices

  • My favorite is Suja. Ensure that you read the labels carefully, as some have added sugars in them. Suja does not.

2.) Start Small

  • You do not have to do everything at once. Choose one thing and work on it. Get comfortable with it. Then, add something else. This ensures you do not overwhelm yourself. For example: If you do not eat green veggies with every meal at this time, try making sure you eat them with one meal a day!

3.) Blend It In

  • You can blend green veggies such as spinach and kale in with sweeter fruits like gala apples, pineapples, and papaya!

Incorporating greens into your diet doesn’t have to be boring. These are a few ways to spruce things up with your diet. What do you do to ensure that you are eating plenty of green veggies? Leave a comment below!

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