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The State of My Natural

Is it just me, or does taking care of your hair feel like a chore, sometimes? No, it is not that I believe my hair is “hard to manage; However, sometimes, I am entirely too tired to even try to deal with my hair. Of course, as we know, the more we prolong wash day or refreshing our hair, the harder it is going to be to deal with it when we do decide to wash it/refresh it/style it. It took me roughly fifteen minutes to detangle my hair. Yikes! Oh well. On the bright side, I did manage to get a good arm workout in. Perspective, right?

With this being said, the state of my hair is currently not the best shape. Yes. I said it. I have been super lazy with my hair, lately, I allow it to get tangled, and I have to talk myself into washing it. My deep conditioning schedule is off, and I am currently trying to get it back on track (currently deep conditioning now, actually). All-in-all, my hair has been suffering, and I am just now starting to incorporate healthy hair practices back into my lifestyle on a consistent basis.

Now, before you ask, “how are you running a hair blog when you are struggling with your hair, too?” I want to say that that reason I am sharing this is to simply be transparent. I’m sharing this to show you all that even though to many people, my hair is “perfect” and “so pretty”, I have seasons in my life when I am downright neglecting my hair. On the bright side, however, I am getting back in the swing of things. I look forward to getting my ends clipped soon, as I am well over-due for a trim.

With all of this being said, how has your hair routine been? Are you using this quarantine to get back on track with your routine? Are you using it to develop a routine? Modify it? Leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing with your hair and if you’ve also gone through season where you just did not have the motivation or dedication to properly care for your hair.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. God bless you!

Also: My deepest apologies for the late post. Thank you for being patient with me!

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