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Prepford Wife— Living by Example

One of the ways people inspire us the most is by showing up as themselves, beautiful and authentically. Read about classic connoisseur, Victoria (also known as Prepford Wife) who gives us a peep into her colorful life via stunning Instagram photos. Whether it’s a post about her most recent DIY home decor or a photo of her at a fun destination, you are sure to leave her Instagram feed feeling inspired to get up and go or to make your own DIY project!

To be Inspirational 

Leading by example is what it means to be inspirational and influential to Victoria. She states that it reminds her of what Laverne Cox frequently refers to as a “‘possibility model.’”

“Someone who shows you that what you want is possible just by living their own life. And to some extent they free you to pursue what you want just by seeing it” (Victoria).

She’s “Every Woman”

Victoria’s mother was her first and greatest inspiration. Describing her as “a bit of the “‘every woman,’” Victoria loves that her mother has never been too cerebral about what she wants to accomplish in life. Whatever she wants to do, she does it without fear of what won’t work out. Instead, she focuses on what could go right. Talk about a go-getter! Growing up with such inspiration empowered Victoria to fearlessly move through her life with no concerns about personal limitations for her or other women. “My mom accidentally raised me to think that I was limitless and that the world was my oyster and that's the feeling that I always want to give to other women” (Victoria).

When did Victoria Realize her Impact? 

I asked Victoria when she first realized she was an inspiration. She responded stating that she doesn’t know if she ever did. 

“I live my life with no thought for who may be watching. If I did, my introversion may get the best of me and I might stop taking risks.”

This is crucial. Sometimes, we get so stuck in our heads. It’s important to march to the beat of our own drums. 

Navigating the Instagram Feed

Instagram can sometimes make people compare themselves to others— especially for those who are influencers. Victoria considers herself to be blessed that Instagram is not her daytime job. “It takes a lot of pressure off of me to show up a certain way knowing that it's not how I feed my family.” 

For Victoria, social media is a hobby, as she enjoys sharing beautifully curated photos on her Instagram feed. Sharing what she wants without the concern of repercussions also allows her to build a community of people who are there for her authenticity. 

Dear Self

Victoria’s answer to the final question was nothing short of inspirational: 

Q: If you could give your younger self one bit of advice, what would you tell her? 

A: My younger self had hubris up to her eyeballs. She doesn't need any advice or additional confidence. There is something about being young that can make you feel invincible. My advice would actually be for the adult me. My advice would be to "go your own way". Nothing that is for me (or for you) will ever go to anyone else. So continually showing up just as I am will attract the kind of people with the kind of energy that I love. 

In Closing 

“Nothing that is for me (or for you) will ever go to anyone else.” What a powerful statement from Victoria! 

Victoria can be found here on Instagram. You can also check out her blog, Prepford Wife, where she gives us a detailed breakdown of the latest and fun developments of her “Prepford” life. 

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