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PCOS and Hypothyroid Weight Loss

Updated: Jan 21

Before I write anything, I want you all to know that I am not a weight loss, health, or medical specialist. Please, speak with your doctor before adding or removing anything from your current day-to-day life.

Weight loss in itself is difficult. However, people with PCOS and hypothyroidism experience higher difficulty in losing weight. While it is hard, I want to encourage you all to know that it is possible and to never give up on yourself.

While I am still on my health journey, I lost 20 pounds in 2022 while having PCOS, hypothyroidism, and while taking prednisone for nephrotic syndrome (FSGS). I am going to give you all 3 achievable tips to lose weight while navigating your PCOS and thyroid issues.

More Water

I know we hear this tip everywhere we turn but cutting back on sweet juices and drinks and replacing them with even more water is crucial–especially with the way that our bodies handle sugar. If you want some variety in your water, sparkling water (flavored or unflavored) are great options, as well as adding fruit or mint leaves to your water.

Add Protein to Breakfast

I saw this amazing tip on Tallene’s (dietician) Instagram page and started to incorporate this tip. I do believe that this made a difference in my weight this year. I have experienced that protein helps you stay fuller for longer. While, I have to be careful about how much protein I am consuming, due to my kidney disease, there is no doubt that eating protein aids in weight loss–especially for people with PCOS and hypothyroidism!

Greens, Please

I had a ton of green smoothies and green juices that were veggie-heavy this year. Ensuring that you get enough greens into your diet isn’t only good for people in general, but it is especially good for people with hormonal issues. Here is a list of a few of my favorite green smoothie recipes.


Weight loss with hormonal issues is challenging, but remember it is not impossible. Work on gaining habits that will benefit you, and do not be so hard on yourself.

Which one of these tips are you looking to try in your PCOS and hypothyroidism journey? Let’s chat below!

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