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Nordia Witter — Singer/Songwriter

Nordia Witter

What do you think of when you think of someone who is inspirational or influential? To me, an inspirational and influential person is one who has the ability to effortlessly impact the lives of others whether it’s through their craft, career, or by simply saying “hello” to others through their day. 

I had the privilege of interviewing none other than the beautiful Nordia Witter. Nordia is one who uses her influence well. 

Nordia Witter is a talented singer and songwriter. She believes that being inspirational means to be inspired by her life, daily. New experiences and ideas are an impactful part of her life. Nordia believes that a part of her personal journey and experience in life is to uplift others, not only through her stunning fashion and beauty but on business and personal levels. 

She notes the first time she realized she was influential was during her time as a recording artist. Norida realized that she made a great impact on a lot of young people. She recounts:

The funny thing is, during my travels and thanks to social media, I’ve been fortunate to have met people all across the globe who have been following my music career for a long time. More presently, I have been creating an online presence in the fashion and lifestyle niche. I see the impact of that daily through messages I receive, comments and even brands reaching out to collaborate.

Nordia admits that she is still amazed daily by it all and sometimes finds it hard to imagine that she has impacted others. Realizing how far her music has reached and has positively influenced others around the world is still unreal and greatly moving to Nordia. 

Nordia’s mother-in-law, Maureen baker, was one of her great inspirations. She was an acclimated British fashion designer who fiercely lead British fashion in the sixties and seventies. “Including labels she designed for Susan Small as well her own couture line- Maureen designed over 300 dresses for Princess Ann, including her wedding dress,” Nordia states. 


Speaking fondly of her mother-in-law, Nordia says that Maureen grew from being a sixteen year old needle worker during World War II in the west end, to a well-recognised designer. “She was my mentor and guidance. She was Princess Ann’s personal designer and known for her famous wedding dress design.” (Witter). 

Let’s face it, Instagram is a place where we tend to spend a lot of time. Because of this, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the loop of comparison. I asked Nordia how she manages to not compare herself and to remain influential. Nordia states that she chooses to admire and congratulate those who inspire and motivate her. While she is inspired and motivated by others, remaining 100% true to herself is important for Nordia. While mature and sophisticated, Nordia does not like to take herself too seriously. 

“I’m as good as I feel,” Nordia states. Self care is a top priority in her life. When she feels overwhelmed or not quite herself, she chooses to take a step back and refocus on aspects of her life that matter the most. When using social media, having a “why” is important to Nordia, and she believes others must understand their own “why” for using it. 

If Nordia could give her younger self a piece of advice, she’d say, “Mistakes are ok as long as we all learn from them. Some take a while to learn and that’s okay, too. Forgive, move on and accept that some things are meant to be. And above all, and in all things, God’s got you.” What wise words to live by. 

Nordia can be found here on Instagram, where she shares fabulous pictures!

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