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New Year Goals: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year (2023)

Before I start this subject, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you all enjoy this time of the year with your family, friends, or with yourself. Also, my thoughts are with those of you who dread this time of the year. Please, take care of your mental health during this time!

This is my final blog post of the year. Wow! That is absolutely insane! It seems like January was literally just a couple of months ago. Now, here we are in December, preparing to close the year out.

During this time of the year, in addition to preparing for the holidays, people are preparing to bring in the new year. Many are setting goals and buying planners (I definitely need to go ahead and purchase my 2023 planner). While prepping for the new year can be exciting for some, it is oftentimes stressful and dreadful for others. It is totally okay and normal to feel both of these emotions! A lot transpired within a year's time, and while you may not be particularly happy about everything, you can still try to find a way to feel thankful that you’ve had the opportunity to experience another year of life.

With this being said, I am about to give you five tips on how to prepare for the upcoming year. Let me know, in the comment section below, if you found any of these helpful!


The end of the year is a great time for reflection. We are told to reflect on what we could’ve done better. And that’s totally fine; however, this year, I want you to take time to also reflect on elements and actions that you are proud of and that you know you did right this year! Did you start that business? Were you consistent with eating healthier? Did you take time to slow down and take care of yourself? Did you set boundaries— even when it was tough? Take time to congratulate yourself for the progress you’ve made!

Write things down

Did you know that research shows that you are more apt to fulfill a goal when you actually write it down? According to Dreamaker, you are 42% more likely to accomplish your goal if you write it down. That’s huge! Therefore, do not underestimate the power of writing things down!

Be Honest

One quote that I love is “to thyself, first, be true.” You cannot improve your life if you live in a state of delusion. This is where the tough and uncomfortable work comes in at. What could you have done better? Why didn’t you accomplish a goal that you had set for this year? How can you rectify your mindset to ensure this doesn’t become a vicious cycle?

Clean up

While this may sound cliché, I believe in coming into a new year with a clean environment. Make sure you clean your house thoroughly or have cleaners come in to help clean. Even if you live at home with your parents, you can deep clean your room and help them clean the house, as well!


Above all, pray to God. He has all things in control. Whether life goes the way we want it or not, we can find comfort in the fact that God is still in control and that He is “the author and finisher of our faith.”


Take a moment to relax and breathe. This year has been pretty rocky for many people. We all have an opportunity to be better than we were before, and the new year is always a reminder of that! However, we should also appreciate the achievements that we have made thus far and never forget to celebrate our wins, no matter how insignificant they may seem. All wins are significant, and they matter.

I hope you found these tips to be valuable as you prepare to go into 2023! Let’s chat below: what tips do you have for someone preparing for the upcoming year?

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