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Interview with Makeup by Dayon

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It truly takes a special person to dedicate their lives to making others feel special. Having the gift to enhance the beauty of women, making them feel confident and striking has a unique way of making them feel special.

Today’s blog is beyond exciting for me! I have the opportunity to write about my beautiful, talented, sweet sister! Not only is she my sister—she’s literally my best friend. In addition to this, she is a self-taught MUA (make-up artist). She owns two businesses: Makeup by Dayon and Tees and Tumblers by Dayon. Today, we will be focusing on her magnificent talent and work as a makeup artist!


Keli Dayon Rawls is from Columbia, MS. She has been doing makeup professionally since 2008. Her interest in makeup piqued around her junior high years. She recalls going into Hudson’s Treasure Hunt and shopping at the makeup sale table. Keli’s signature junior high makeup look was a lip liner, lip gloss, and mascara. Initially, she did not care for the look of foundation; however, once she learned how to match her skin tone, along with learning how to highlight and contour, she truly felt unstoppable!


So many women struggle with feeling beautiful. As stated previously, being able to make someone feel beautiful is an amazing gift to have! Keli has experienced being that special person to make women feel special by enhancing their natural beauty. When asked what she loves most about doing makeup for her clients, she responded, stating:

When you get a client that is a virgin to makeup and you enhance their already natural beauty, and they see themselves in the mirror for the first time, fully enhanced, and they fall completely in love with themselves again– that feeling is what I love most. I’ve even had ladies cry (tears of happiness of course, lol). Even with my regular clients that aren’t noobs to makeup; and to know that I’m contributing to them feeling amazing about themselves, it’s so rewarding.


Because of her great skill and wonderful personality, Keli has been able to inspire many aspiring makeup artists by her exceptional work. She wanted to leave a few inspiring and motivational words for any aspiring MUAs. She says, “Stay persistent and consistent! There will be days where you think that you will never do the perfect brow, or blend that eyeshadow, or match foundation. DO NOT GIVE UP! Repetition is key! Also, experiment! Experiment on different complexions and face shapes. Learn what works, because it will be different for each individual”.

Thank you, Keli, for agreeing to be featured on today’s blog!

If you would like to see more of Keli’s work or book her, below are her Instagram and Facebook pages:

Keli’s favorite look is a full glam clean cut crease look (with either bold colors or neutral tones) with bold lashes and coordinating lip color.

See some of her many stunning looks below!

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