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And I am so thankful for life today. With the abundance of health issues I have, COVID honestly could have “taken me out of here” (as we say here in the south). As I reflect on my time having it, I am more and more grateful for my health and for my life. I am also thankful to God for bringing me through this.

So, what was having COVID like for me? Well, I will say this— it was rough! The first few days of it were extremely rough. The symptoms I experienced were headaches, fever, tingling, body aches, along with ear and eye pain. I was also lethargic. When walking short distances, I got terribly winded! Geez. Having to write this down gives me chills.

Be that as it may, being alive and well enough today is a testament of the fact that my life is, indeed, valuable. That it has purpose, and there’s so much to be fulfilled. And while there are ups and downs on this journey, I must say this: overcoming COVID has given me (somewhat of) a newfound excitement for life! I’m excited to see what the rest of my life brings.

Let’s chat in the comment section. Have any of you had COVID? What was it like for you physically and mentally? I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say! 🧡

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