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I am Back (finally) and so Excited!

Hi everyone! So, I know I have been M.I.A (that means “Missing in Action.” I just found out a few weeks ago). My deepest apologies, for that. I literally forsook my blog without any warning despite of the fact that there were people who genuinely wanted to hear what I had to say about natural hair. Well, great news—I am back! Not only am I back, but I am beyond excited to share new content with you all. I have so many great topics surrounding hair that I would love to discuss with y’all, and I have decided that I wanted to expand my niche, a little. So, not only will I be writing about hair, but I will be writing about my weight loss journey that I am currently on (again. Lol), as well as my walk with God and skincare.

Anyway, I am beyond excited to embark on this new journey, and I am happy to be able to take you with me.

My posting schedule is once per week. I will be posting every Monday, starting April 13, 2020. With that being said, make sure you are subscribed to this blog, so that you are updated every time I post.

Thank you, kindly, for your continued support and encouragement. Salud!

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