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Hair Crisis? Yes. Somewhat.

Okay, okay. Everyone, calm down. Perhaps the title was just a tad dramatic (just a little, nothing major, right?). In all honesty, however, I have definitely been struggling with my hair journey. I had goals laid out for this year. Yet here we are six months in, and I am just in the process of trying to schedule my first trim (yikes).

It’s not that I think taking care of my hair is hard or is a hassle. It’s just that sometimes, I really think my hair is in pretty good health, until I blow out my curls and coils and realize that my ends are terribly split. Well, that is what happened recently. I straightened my hair for a different look and to see how it would hold up in this Southern Mississippi humidity and saw that I was in desperate need for a trim.

In the past, I have typically done my own trims. Actually, when I think about it, I have not had a professional trim in roughly ten years. That is a terribly long time to go without having a specialist take a look at your hair to trim it properly! Thankfully, I am currently doing research on a few suggestions I received for natural hair stylists, and I plan to schedule my first professional trim of the year soon.

Honestly, lately I have been wondering where my hair would be, right now, if I went ahead and scheduled my trim earlier this year. Would it be longer, stronger, and healthier? More than likely, but there is no point in dwelling on the past, and hindsight is always 20/20, right?

So, you may be asking, “Allyson, why are you just now trying to get a trim”? Great question! I really do not have a good reason other than being preoccupied with other things as well as not knowing how many split ends my hair had until straightening it recently. Moving forward, I am going to really ensure that I am keeping up with the progression of my hair and make sure I’m not allowing my ends to split like this ever again. It is so easy for naturals to go without really knowing how split their hair is because typically, it is harder to see with curly hair. Straightening your hair, however, shows everything in full effect! This has definitely taught me a lesson.

Fill me in on your hair journey, so far, this year. Have you received a trim yet? If not, are you planning to do so? Let’s chat in the comment section below!

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