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Grow Your Small Business with Three Simple Apps

Hi subies,

I know many of you are putting the pen to paper with your brand ideas. Many of you want to launch a brand but have no idea how to create a business from the ground up. You could be new to the entrepreneur world, but you know your business idea has the potential to become the next success story. Or you could be a business owner with experience operating a brick-and-mortar establishment, but have no knowledge of marketing your brand in digital spaces.

Lucky for you, there are a few tools that you can implement today, that will help your brand grow from 0 to 10 with very little technical experience, and I'm going to share them with you today. With tools like Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and Evernote you can track analytics, network with convenience, and stay organized all from your computer.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful marketing tool that brand owners can utilize to track their brand's performance online. This platform uses industry standard tools to track website performance while providing key insights on many of the key indicators needed to grow a budding brand. Their easy-to-use platform makes data analysis easy for even the most amateur computer user.

The path exploration tool allows marketing managers to see how site visitors are using the website and uncover the pages their viewing the most. With this tool, marketers can see the complete customer journey on the company website and predict how consumers will use the website. With this information, marketers can fine tune their approach to appeal to consumers in an impactful way.


LinkedIn is often thought of as just another social media platform for professionals. But it is more than that. LinkedIn has a comprehensive knowledge base of information for professionals to learn new skills while networking with those in their respective industries. New business owners can use this platform to reach out to perspective clients, find talent to grow their team, or share content and establish their brand as a leader in the industry. With LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless.


Organization doesn't come easy to everyone, and it's so easy to let the sticky notes pile up and the to-do list go unwritten. This is where Evernote comes in. This tool is designed to make organization quick and easy.

Whether you want to organize your important tasks and information or just house them in one central location for easy retrieval, the flexible system makes that possible to achieve. The web clipper tool also allows users to efficiently save webpages and articles for later use and the scanner tool enables users to scan important documents for safekeeping.

Give your small business the tools it needs to elevate from a side project to a major success with these tools, and if you're in need of a copywriting service, look no further than our copywriting service. Our writers have multiple years of experience with writing for today's competitive digital marketplace.

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