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Five Perfect Christmas Gifts

Is it just me, or does anyone else sort of freak out when it comes down to buying gifts for Christmas? I will say that buying the perfect gift for loved ones can be stressful, but I fear not, my friends. I am here to try to ease the burden a bit.

While I know that people tend to overspend for Christmas, I want to encourage you all to please be wise and not spend money that you do not have. There are so many affordable ways to show others that you love them, and I am about to list five of them below!


Chapstick is one of the most underrated gifts, don’t you think? This is a great gift during the cooler months of the year and year-round!

Dry Shampoo

We tend to extend those wash days during the winter months, because it is colder, and we do not want to end up spending extra time in the morning having to wash and blow dry our hair (or go out with cold hair). Stretch your wash another day by using dry shampoo! It is the perfect gift–especially during the cooler months.

Hand-Written Card

You do not have to have an English degree or be a poet to write something that is from your heart. Enchant your loved ones with genuine words from your heart and watch their faces light up. Hand-written cards are a treasured gift that are kept forever!


That’s it. No further explanation needed, amiright?

Hot Chocolate

Yummy. Warm. Fun to drink alone or with others. In addition to this, there are so many different flavors! Bring your loved ones a pack of hot chocolate and share a couple of mugs, as you snuggle into your favorite couch or chair (or the floor, if that’s your thing) with a blanket and watch the Grinch.


Holiday shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, you’ve gained some ideas on items to buy your loved ones for the Christmas holidays.

Let’s chat below. What, from this list, are you planning to purchase for your loved ones?

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