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Curly Hair Influencers You Should Be Following

Can we get a little commotion for the curls? Over the last decade, more women have been embracing curly hair dos. As we all know, curly hair can be quite a unique experience, but with the help of curly hair influencers, we have all learned more about how to better care for our tresses. These ten (10) ladies below have been rocking the curly hair world, and you should definitely check them out for hairstyles and hair health tips. 

  1. Manes by Mell

Manes by Mell stunned the Internet with her voluminous curls. She’s also the co-creator of Verb Curl Foaming Gel! If you are someone who seeks healthy, voluminous curls, you definitely want to check out her YouTube channel! 

  1. Brittany Rose 

Brittany Rose rocks stunning, coily hair that is waist length when straightened. She shared tips on how to grow coily hair on her YouTube channel! 

  1. Freckle Face Nee 

Freckle Face Nee is a curly hair influencer who has stunned the internet with her beautiful, golden highlights and her gorgeous freckles! She posts different hairstyles for people on the go on her TikTok and her Instagram accounts! 

  1. Maryam Hampton

I mean, what is there not to love about those curls? In addition to providing top-notch tips on hair growth on her YouTube channel, Maryam has her own hair care line! Amazing! 

  1. Curly Proverbz

What a gem of an influencer she is! Curly Proverbs is the first person who introduced me to ayurvedic hair care, and she speaks candidly about the benefits of ayurveda on her YouTube channel. Curly Proverbz also has her own hair care line with ayurvedic hair products! 

  1. India Batson

Can we say goldilocks?! India gives great tips on caring for curly hair  on her YouTube channel while sporting amazing curls! She also brings her mother on her channel, sometimes, and guess what? She has curly hair, too! Now, we see where she gets it from! 

  1. Star Puppy

Star Puppy rocks gorgeous, super tight curls. On her YouTube channel, she uploads videos about life, in general, and hair trends and styles that she has done on her hair!

  1. Kat’s Kurls

Um, hair goals! Kat makes having long, curly hair look incredibly fun. Her Instagram page is full of funny videos and pictures of curly hair tips, styles, and things that we, as curly girls, can relate to! She also does hair consultations, and let me tell you— they are remarkable! 

  1. Caramel Coils

I mean, don’t we all wish we had such cute, fluffy curls?! Caramel Coils uploads videos on her YouTube and Instagram, showing off everything from her amazing wash and goes to an after-gym hair maintenance routine. I mean– honestly, don’t we all need an after-gym hair maintenance routine?!

  1. Michelle Manuel

Michelle Manuel has swoon worthy curls. Her YouTube channel is full of pro-tips for all curly girls to learn from. Honestly, listening to her channel feels like learning from a good friend! 


Curls for the girls, right? These are only a few of many of the brilliant natural hair influencers across the internet who continue to teach us more about how to care for our curly tresses. 

Should I do a part two? Perhaps make this a series? Let me know in the comments section below!

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