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Best Hair Care Products for 2023

Hi, subies!

My name is Miesha, and I'm a contributing writer and digital marketer for All Things Allyson. I’ve been natural all of my adult life, and since being a part of the natural community, I’ve noticed that everyone has a magic solution to hair growth or a miracle superior product that promises phenomenal results. Well, buckle up tight, buttercup, because I have a controversial opinion regarding these “superior” products.

Everyone wants to know what the best haircare product is. I don't believe there is such a thing. With everyone having such diversity in culture, ethnicity, and hair types, how can we claim one product is better? Instead, we can look at a few things, and if you've been a part of the natural hair community, you know what they are. Its porosity, curl type, texture, and even the history of the hair. What might’ve worked for you before a color treatment may not work well afterward.

I’ve tried a few haircare products in the past, and for me, anything with a little “slip” and a ton of moisture does the trick. I know people define moisture in many ways, but for me, this means water-containing with a humectant ingredient such as an oil or “butter.” In addition, I know everyone says to stick to one product line, but I must be honest and say I’ve tried many, and as long as it's “moisturizing,” it works for me. Therefore, I don't discriminate on moisturizers, gels, or conditioners.

My haircare story is like many others; I decided to go natural in 2010, but not because of hair damage or anything like that. I just wanted to discover my natural beauty. But this discovery did come with a little loss. For one, I had to do what everyone calls “the big chop.” But I decided to keep my hair braided (with extensions) to help me get past the TWA phase. But as time passed, I eventually removed my chemically processed hair and was left with soft, frizzy, slightly curly, virgin hair. This journey has been one of the hard lessons, self-love, and acceptance, which is still ongoing. Did I mention I also dabbled with locs for six years? That was a major transformative experience in my hair journey that I foresee myself experiencing again in the future.

Back in the early 90s, just about everyone had “perms,” also called chemical relaxers, and although I did have the option to stay natural, I chose to join the crowd and process my hair, and I can’t say perms negatively impacted my hair, because it didn't, but I know many are. Studies have shown that chemical relaxers can cause a host of illnesses, and we also know that if done improperly, they can cause hair loss.

If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to love her natural self, and with the beauty standards changing, I can't foresee her having the same pressure to have pin-straight hair. By turning wash day and protective styling into a fun or relaxing experience, we can reclaim our century-long traditions that have carried our people through all aspects of life.

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