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All About Tall and Preppy

Preppy style never goes out of style! If you are looking for preppy looks (especially for the tall ladies), this is the lady you want to check out. Elizabeth, known as “Tall and Preppy,” is a law-school student who never fails to keep her fashion up to par. 

Inspired by Love

She states that she is honored to be considered an inspirational woman and that her younger self would be so proud of her right now. Elizabeth informed me that her mother and grandmother were two of the first women to inspire her. She says that both of them are kind, compassionate, caring, and patient and that she wishes to be more like them. 

Kindness is Influential 

Elizabeth’s kind spirit has given others the space to reach out to her. She first realized that she was influential when she first received personalized DMs sharing sweet stories about how something  she shared made an impact on someone. She states, “It made me realize that there were real people following me. I know that sounds silly. Even when I used to get recognized on campus in college or someone would come up to me and say that they follow me now in law school means a lot and shows me that people care.” 

Remaining True to Herself

Sometimes, Instagram can be a place that’s deemed as super competitive. Because of this, some may find themselves starting away from who they truly are. Elizabeth admits she used to care about how many likes she received, but as she’s gotten older, that no longer matters. Instead, Elizabeth enjoys having fun with her amazing fashion sense, preppy clothes, and her life. Sharing content she enjoys is what’s most important to her. 

To Her Younger Self 

We all wish we could go back and give our younger selves a piece of advice from our life lessons. I asked Elizabeth what she would say to her younger self, and she replied: 

One of my favorite quotes from when I was younger is: “Be yourself, who else is better qualified.” Be yourself, be confident in your own skin and your genuineness will attract the best people to you.

Where to Find Her

What a phenomenal statement. Being confident in who we are is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. 

If you want to see more of Elizabeth’s preppy and classic style, you can find her here on Instagram and here on her blog! 

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